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Career coaching is for everybody. No matter what your industry or position. Finding meaning in your career is important at any age and life-stage.

Are you looking for clarity in your career?

  • Looking to rediscover your motivation
  • Trying to understand the job market
  • Looking for a new role
  • Trying to break into that new industry
  • At a crossroads and confused which way to go
  • Looking to balance work and life in a way that suits you
  • Wanting to find the passion for your job again
  • Looking for a promotion and how to make those positive changes, Or
  • Just want to talk to someone about your career
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Moonie Ha (Moonie)
Nia is a strategic and big thinker as a Career Coach and Specialist with a genuine approach to help client for their career success! I approached Nia several years ago to ask for advice on my next career move. With Nia's strategic advice and tips, I was able to open up with numerous possibilities and turn the possibilities into action. I have ended up being successful with my career transition. I really appreciate Nia's ability and her professional work to form warm connections with clients and help them to achieve their career goals. She is very approachable and an amazing communicator. If you are looking for a practical career guidance and advice, I highly recommend Nia and she will help you build your confidence in shaping your career,
Nia took the time to get to know me and learn about my work history but also what motivates me at my core. I reached out to Nia when I had some challenging interviews lined up. Nia coached me and made me aware of my strengths.
Silvia Parada
This is the first time that I work with a career coach, and I am VERY glad I found Nia. She has the expertise and knowledge of the recruitment industry and has provided me with great advice on how to improve my resume highlighting my strengths and experience. Her advice also included how to strategically address selection criteria, and write good suitability statements. She has provided me with strategies and tools to write stronger job applications. I feel confident that I will land the right job for me. I definitely recommend Nia, her knowledge, experience and ethics are outstanding!
Nicole King
Nia was a great support in helping me secure my ideal role. In two sessions, we worked on my CV and interviewing skills and it really helped. After being out of the workforce for some time while raising children and studying for a new career, I needed that extra support in understanding what was required to secure a suitable role. I can't thank Nia enough for all that she did, her invaluable knowledge and amazing tips to help me make that career transition. I would highly recommend.
Emma JW
Working with Nia really helped me understand and solidify my own career goals. She helped clarify options and narrow down where I might like to go, and gave me the tools to properly investigate each so I truly understood the best path for me, now and in the future. I'm so happy I decided to work with Nia because now I have a great new job in a field that I enjoy and I've been telling everyone I know how amazing the experience has been. Thank you!
Inga Ceslis
Nia’s support in reviewing and refining my cv and her insight into assessing my career to date gave me confidence and inspired me to commence further study to achieve my goal. Nia is communicable, knowledgeable, and generous with her time. I highly recommend contacting Nia at Career Voice.
I cannot begin to express my gratitute for the opportunity to work with Nia at Career Voice. In two sessions, she was able to guide me towards a clear path to investigate possible career opportunities. Nia's service does not simply stop after the face to face sessions, she is most generous with her time and expertise, to ensure that I had effective follow up from my sessions with her. For the first time, I feel like I have the confidence and courage to make a career change after many years in the one profession. Thank you Nia!
Louise Hunt
Nia provided great support and recommendations for me to find a new job. Very engaging and lots of tips to navigate the job market. Highly recommend!
had a skype meeting with Nia a few months back now. She was lovely and very knowledgable. I was contemplating a shift in careers and Nia was extremely helpful in giving me the tools needed to seek out the information that i required. Safe to say i am now well and truly down the path towards my next career and would absolutely reccomend using career voice as a business. Cheers Nia!
Ash Samuel
Nia, is a great listener and when you need a person to render an opinion on something that you desperately need perspective on, Nia is a good place to start!

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Nia Lloyd

Graduate Diploma in Career Development
Certificate IV in Human Resources
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Nia is an experienced career practitioner who is passionate about helping people find their ‘true fit’, move through a career transition. re-entering the workforce or even if they just need someone to talk to.

For over 15 years Nia has worked in Human Resources, Recruitment and Career Counselling, bringing together a wealth of experience from a diverse number of industries to help people with their careers.

Nia is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Starting Out

This is a two session program, with each session lasting 45 minutes.

Here we will explore your strengths, interests and values.

We will investigate career options together, creating manageable, achievable targets.

Changing Lanes

If you are looking to change careers and not sure how or even where to, this program is for you.

The program is 3 sessions, with each session lasting 45 minutes.
We will explore your expectations, barriers, motivation and we will set goals you can achieve.

Career Booster

If you feel stuck in your current career or current role then this three sesion program is suitable.

We will explore your strengths and current situation and strategies to get you to that next level – once we have identified what that next step truly is!

Land The Role

If you have been applying for roles with no success, this program will look at job search strategies, resume, cover letter and social media.

Over two sessions these areas will be looked at with  a personalised approach to help you land that role!

Interview Coaching

Behavioural based interviewing is now common place and you can prepare thoroughly for interviews!

With my extensive experience in recruitment, we will look at strategies for interview preparation to nail the interview. This is 2 sessions, each 45 minutes

Mock Interview

If you would like a real-life scenario interview, with detailed feedback then a mock interview would be a tool to look at.

Asking general and job-specific questions this will really give you the chance to get honest feedback on your interviewing.

Personal Profile Analysis

A behavioural based psychometric assessment providing a profile for you detailing strengths, limitations, communication style, motivators and behavior under pressure. 

Based upon DISC theory, you will receive a personalised report and thorough consultation on the report.