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Roelof Steyn
Roelof Steyn
Nia identified my weaknesses within minutes and gave me great tools to address it.
Giuliano Melluso
Giuliano Melluso
It was great to speak to Nia and find some tactics on finding a new career, when you have done the same thing for som long. Highly recommend.
Daniel Gunton
Daniel Gunton
I highly recommend Nia if you are considering a career change and interview training. The sessions are spread out to give you time to reflect on the findings which I found particularly helpful. Interview training helped to hone in on my weaknesses and improve my ability to sell myself. Interviewing really is a unique skill so it is great to receive expert help. Thank you Nia.
Simone Durston
Simone Durston
Nia assisted me in navigating the job market following a redundancy. She was professional, honest and was able to tap into my skills and experience to help me create targeted resumes and cover letters. Nia encouraged me to remain positive during the process of finding new employment, was very supportive and her coaching sessions were invaluable and her coaching prior to interviews was instrumental in ensuring I was well prepared and confident.
Meredith Trew
Meredith Trew
Nia is a great career coach. She asks the right questions to start you thinking about your career in a different way. She guides and provide invaluable knowledge on cutting through the job market noise.
Sandra Tuohy
Sandra Tuohy
Nia provided advice and perspective to me when I was at a career crossroads. She helped me in assessing what I really wanted from my next move as well as providing advice on alternative careers matching my skills.
Matt Horne
Matt Horne
Nia was an amazing help in figuring out different avenues for me to pursue career wise despite me having zero idea what I'm currently after. She is extremely personable and very helpful with the resources she can provide to you. Strongly recommend this if you need help figuring out your next career step
Vanessa Dunne
Vanessa Dunne
Nia was incredibly helpful and understanding. She listened to me patiently and without judgment and immediately had great advice and suggestions for my situation. She helped me to identify and clarify my goals and her professional support was tailored to my circumstances. Nia continues to check in on my progress, offers support and is very generous with her time. She has a lot of experience in the HR and recruitment industry and offers practical guidance and assistance. I would highly recommend Nia to anyone looking for a career change.
Lee-anne Veage
Lee-anne Veage
I'm so glad to have taken a friends advice to seek help with Nia at Career Voice. She is patient, extremely helpful and shared some invaluable tips. Its worth having a chat to get your resume up to speed, understand behavioral style questions and even practice interviews. Amazing!!
Adriana Capella
Adriana Capella
Nia did a very good job in my resume and cover letter.

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