Interview Coaching

Ace that interview!

Do you find that you can get to the interview stage, but then the nerves hit in and you never present yourself as well as you would have liked?

If this is the case, then attending the interview coaching program would offer a myriad of benefits. We will discuss various interview techniques used by employers, focusing on behavioural based interviewing. We will then cover the STAR response technique and set you up to be able to answer questions in this manner!

Predicting commonplace interview questions and preparing for this will be covered ensuring all information is relevant and personalised to the jobs and industries you are applying for.

This consultation package will truly ensure you are prepared for interviews!

The package includes:
  • 2 x 45 minute consultations via video conferencing to delve into interviewing techniques
  • Answering questions using the STAR methodology 
  • The ability to read a position description to your advantage and predict interview questions
  • A detailed email after completion of the two sessions outlining all aspects discussed

COST: $400 inc. GST

SPECIAL: Interview Coaching and Mock Interview together for only $500 inc GST

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