Partnering with Organisations

Giving you the advantage

Career Development is useful throughout the entire employee journey.

Coupled with our experience across Recruitment and Human Resources, we can assist in many areas. We will partner with you to provide bespoke, tailored packages and solutions that work with you and with your company values:

  • Creation of Job Profiles and Position Descriptions through Job Analysis.
  • DISC Assessment during recruitment process or onboarding to really identify personality traits and how to get the best out of your team member.
  • DISC  workshops to understand the dynamics of a team and increase team work and productivity.
  • Individual and Group Coaching on skills and strengths to ensure each individual is playing to their strengths in their role.
  • Identification of progression opportunities and career paths internally which align with company vision and mission and individual personal aspirations and goals.
  • New employee coaching at commencement of employment and at regular intervals to ensure success of onboarding and decrease turnover.
  • Outplacement – assisting through restructures with 1:1 or group coaching. Including assistance on marketing documentation (resume, cover letters), interview coaching and career coaching.

Benefits of engaging Career Voice, in the above areas include:

  • Increased engagement.
  • Increased morale, career satisfaction and productivity.
  • Alignment of both individual and company values and goals.
  • Truly differentiating yourself from competitors.
  • Decreased turnover.
  • A more cohesive team.

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Nia Lloyd

Graduate Diploma in Career Development
Certificate IV in Human Resources
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Nia is an experienced career practitioner who is passionate about helping people find their ‘true fit’, move through a career transition. re-entering the workforce or even if they just need someone to talk to.

For over 15 years Nia has worked in Human Resources, Recruitment and Career Counselling, bringing together a wealth of experience from a diverse number of industries to help people with their careers.

Nia is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is for everybody. No matter what your industry or position. Finding meaning in your career is important at any age and life-stage.

Are you looking for clarity in your career or just want to talk to someone about your options?

Starting Out

This is a two session program, with each session lasting 45 minutes.

Here we will explore your strengths, interests and values.

We will investigate career options together, creating manageable, achievable targets.

Changing Lanes

If you are looking to change careers and not sure how or even where to, this program is for you.

The program is 3 sessions, with each session lasting 45 minutes.
We will explore your expectations, barriers, motivation and we will set goals you can achieve.

Career Booster

If you feel stuck in your current career or current role then this three sesion program is suitable.

We will explore your strengths and current situation and strategies to get you to that next level – once we have identified what that next step truly is!

Land The Role

If you have been applying for roles with no success, this program will look at job search strategies, resume, cover letter and social media.

Over two sessions these areas will be looked at with  a personalised approach to help you land that role!

Interview Coaching

Behavioural based interviewing is now common place and you can prepare thoroughly for interviews!

With my extensive experience in recruitment, we will look at strategies for interview preparation to nail the interview. This is 2 sessions, each 45 minutes

Mock Interview

If you would like a real-life scenario interview, with detailed feedback then a mock interview would be a tool to look at.

Asking general and job-specific questions this will really give you the chance to get honest feedback on your interviewing.

Personal Profile Analysis

A behavioural based psychometric assessment providing a profile for you detailing strengths, limitations, communication style, motivators and behavior under pressure. 

Based upon DISC theory, you will receive a personalised report and thorough consultation on the report.