Changing Lanes

Stuck in a job that isn’t you?

Making that decision to change careers is one of the hardest we may face in our lives.

Moving into the unknown requires you to have a strong self-awareness and together we will explore your skills, strengths and expectations. What are the influences happening in your life and career and how can we overcome any barriers you may be facing? 

This session is highly individualised, looking at your own situation and finding your motivation. Many people talk about transferable skills and here we will uncover yours to see what opportunities interest you and how to reach your goals. We will identify gaps realistically and creative an action plan to address these.

We will set achievable goals and solid action plans to put you in control of changing your career.

In the final consultation we will spend time on discussing transition and provide practical information on your resume and cover letter, looking at how to reword these to highlight skills, achievements and strengths to help you move lanes!

  • An online personality and skills assessment tool
  • 3 x 45 minute consultations via video conferencing to really understand your drivers, motivations, skills and strengths
  • Opportunity to discuss your resume and cover letter in depth
  • Setting achievable goals and a tangible action plan to keep you on track and achieve results  
  • A detailed report after completion of the two sessions outlining all aspects discussed and the personalised goal

COST: $600 inc. GST

If you need assistance in changing your career, contact us now!